For issues from power outages caused by storms to pipes frozen solid by the unforgiving Amherstburg winter, a backup generator is a must-have for all homes and businesses. There’s nothing worse than not being able to heat your home in cool weather or not being able to charge electronic devices because of a storm.

At Platinum Electrical Contractors, we help homeowners and business owners stay connected. We’re the most trusted and experienced Generac generator supplier in Ontario, and we’d be delighted to back up your home.

Generac Generators for Home

As the power grid ages and the population continues to grow, so does the occurrence of blackouts. With Ontario getting more power cuts than any other location in Canada, many of Amherstburg’s residents are seeking a solution to this ongoing problem. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Backup Generators for Industrial Clients

As a decision-maker for a manufacturing operation, you understand how critical a contingency plan is. A blackout could lead to astronomical financial losses, so an industrial standby generator is essential. We provide high-capacity, compliant generators with minimal emissions and noise.  

Standby Generators for Commercial Clients

Commercial industry operates based on paper-thin margins, making the saying “time is money” an absolute truth. Ontario retailers are particularly vulnerable to power outages. We can help you prevent them from impacting your bottom line.  

Why Do People in Amherstburg Choose Platinum Electrical Contractors?

  • We offer single-phase and three-phase installation.
  • We secure our generators in waterproof enclosures.
  • Capacity starts at 7.5 kW and goes all the way up to 1500 kW.
  • You can access your generator from anywhere with Wi-Fi.

Free Yourself From the Grid

In addition to backup generator installation, the team of experts here at Platinum Electrical Contractors offers regular servicing and maintenance of Generac generators to homeowners, industrial clients and local businesses.