When large generators produce a lot of heat, a liquid cooling system is often required to prevent overheating. The combustion of fuel in the engine cylinders heats up the engine block. For generators above about 25kW or for those located in areas with high ambient air temperatures, air cooling does not remove enough heat. For these applications, a liquid transfers the heat from the engine block to a radiator, where a fan cools it so it can be returned to the engine block and complete the cooling cycle. Liquid cooled generators are usually seen in commercial and industrial applications.

Liquid Cooling Is Effective But Adds Complexity

Large engines often need liquid cooling because they burn more fuel and produce a lot of heat. The liquid coolant is circulated through passages in the engine block to remove heat. The hot liquid is pumped to a radiator where it’s cooled with a fan. The cooled liquid is then pumped back to the engine block to continue the cooling function.

Liquid cooling is very effective in keeping engines from overheating, but it adds a lot of complexity and extra equipment. In addition to the pipes for the cooling liquid and the radiator, the engine has to drive a pump and a fan. Liquid cooled generators tend to be more costly, heavier and more complicated to install than air cooled units. An experienced dealer with a track record of installing both types of standby generators will be able to tell you which is the best solution for your application.

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