Power outages are a fact of life in Ontario, more frequent on average than any other Canadian province thanks to high demand, aging infrastructure and extreme weather events. That makes it a good idea to be prepared if you own a home or run a business in communities like Mississauga, Ontario, and to have a solution to power failures that goes beyond waiting for the utility company to fix the problem. Standby generators can offer the peace of mind everyone craves in the face of an emergency.

Generac Generators: The Industry Standard

For decades, the Generac brand has been at the forefront of backup power generation for residential, commercial and industrial needs. Offering an extensive line of reliable generators employing the leading edge of technology in the field, Generac products are the specialty of their top-ranking authorized dealers in Ontario, Platinum Electrical Contractors

Whether you need to keep the lights on for your family in a prolonged power outage or keep your business running and on schedule, Generac standby generators come with a wealth of features designed to give you control over your power supply:

  • Automatic transfer switches that ensure seamless compensation for interrupted power
  • True Power Technology to protect computers and electrical appliances from signal interference and offer utility-quality electricity
  • Corrosion-resistant RhinoCoat-finished all-weather enclosures
  • Purpose-built engines and regular self-testing for reliable performance 
  • Remote cellular- and Wi-Fi-based Mobile Link monitoring that allows you to check the operation of your generator from just about anywhere

Installed by licensed professionals, Generac generators are visually unobtrusive and operate with low noise levels, making them as fully compatible with residential and commercial settings as they are for industrial facilities. They come with a wide variety of fuel supplies and power outputs, making it easy to buy a generator or customized modular power solution for your needs.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Starting with the hassle-free installation of your standby generator, Platinum Electrical Contractors commits to providing the kind of service and maintenance that will prolong the life of your generator and ensure it’s in superb working order when it’s needed most. We provide on-call service and scheduled inspection and service and generator repairs, along with processing for Generac warranty claims.

Regular inspections allow us to identify wear and tear on parts of your system and replace them before they become a problem. We provide comprehensive diagnosis and repair for any problems with your Generac generator, backed by a long history of outstanding customer service and technical expertise. 

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Whether you need to protect your home or business from the unpredictable consequences of power outages or you’re tasked with keeping an industrial facility or warehouse functioning in the face of interruptions, the friendly professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you protect your power in Mississauga, Ontario.