Preserve Your Power in Bolton, ON

Electricity outages are more common in Ontario than in any other Canadian province and continue to be on the rise due to increasingly frequent weather events and aging infrastructure. If you own a home or run a business in Bolton, ON, it’s important to be prepared. Generac standby generators offer an excellent alternative to simply waiting for the utility company if you experience a prolonged power outage.

Residential Standby Generators

Residential backup generators can prevent costly consequences to your home and family from power cuts. They can help you avoid spoilage of food supplies, outage of your home’s environmental control systems and drainage of power from digital devices that are crucial for staying in touch and informed. They can also avert potential costs from needing to spend time off-site at a hotel, which can escalate rapidly.

Generac’s generators are unobtrusive and run as quietly as a standard HVAC system. They use a transfer switch to allow backup power to kick in automatically in response to an outage and are available in a range of capacities starting at 7.5 kW. And they include remote cellular monitoring systems that allow you to check on the system from almost anywhere.

Commercial & Industrial Backup Power

Business owners need to be able to compensate quickly for prolonged power outages that can impose serious inconveniences but that their existing insurance may not cover. They need, among other things, to preserve stocks of crucial supplies, to avoid lost revenue from downtime and to maintain protections for crucial office data. The need to stay functional and keep up with a demanding schedule is even more critical for factories, warehouses and other industrial consumers.

Generac’s commercial backup generators are available in single-phase or three-phase installations, feature all-weather protection and load management accessories and can satisfy the high-demand power needs of virtually any kind of business. Custom industrial solutions are available for both medium- and high-voltage needs.

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