With the frequency of power outages in Ontario outstripping any other Canadian province and on the rise — due to weather events and demand on infrastructure — it’s important to be prepared. If you own a home or are running a business in a community like Kitchener, ON, prolonged power failures have the potential to cost you time and money. If you want an alternative beyond waiting for the utility company, a standby generator can be an excellent investment.

Generac Generators for Your Home or Business

Power outages can be an expensive inconvenience for homeowners and their families. They shut down major appliances, leading to spoiled food in the refrigerator, the loss of environmental controls and being cut off from critical communications as your digital devices run out of power. The expenses can be even starker for those running a small business: restaurants, convenience stores and clinics all depend on refrigerated storage, for example, and on electricity to run other critical equipment and computer systems. 

For decades, the leading supplier of residential and commercial backup generators in North America has been Generac. A premier brand that’s known for quality, durability and reliability as well as technical innovation, Generac’s leading authorized dealer in Ontario is Platinum Electrical Contractors. Our experienced and professional technicians offer access to a wide range of products with advanced features:

  • Automated transfer switches allow your Generac generator to kick in smoothly the moment the power goes out.
  • True Power Technology cleans up signal interference to provide utility-quality electricity.
  • You can use Wi-Fi or cell-based Mobile Monitoring to check your generator system from anywhere.
  • Aluminum enclosures protect your generator from the harsh conditions of the winter months.

Generac generators can power anything from essential circuits to your entire home or business during an outage. They’re unobtrusive and quiet-running with sound levels as low as 60 decibels, and they can be installed next to your home or building just like an HVAC unit.

Industrial Backup Power

For manufacturers and warehouse operations tasked with keeping to a demanding schedule, time out for power outages is something you simply can’t afford. Platinum Electrical Contractors has decades of experience in custom-designing high-performing gensets for industrial facilities. Smooth-burning, high-performing diesel generators form the heart of Generac’s industrial products, but we also offer medium-output biofuel and natural gas models to support extended run times.

The modular nature of Generac’s industrial power systems makes it easy to customize and scale a backup solution for the specific needs of your facility. ISO-certified industrial transfer switches ensure seamless coverage in the case of an outage, and intelligent network-ready controls make these systems easy to operate,

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