When you live in Ontario, there’s a good chance that, at some point during any given year, you’re going to face a power outage. The province registers more outages in an average year than B.C., Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta combined. When the lights go out for your home or business in Etobicoke, Ontario, it’s important to have a solution on hand other than just calling the power company. Fortunately, you can protect your power with a Generac backup generator from Platinum Electrical Contractors.

A prolonged power outage can be an expensive inconvenience for homeowners. Not only can it expose your family to extremes of heat or cold (and impose the considerable expense of staying at a motel while the problem is rectified), but it can also lead to spoiled food, backed-up sump pumps and even damage to computers and electronics if the outage comes accompanied by a power surge.  

For business owners, outages can lead to costly interruptions in production or work schedules, drops in revenue and the loss of essential data. They can also impose the risk of spoilage of medicine and vaccines for clinics or of goods and supplies for restaurants and convenience stores. The longer the power cut lasts, the more expenses can mount.

That’s where backup generators from Generac come in. An industry leader for more than six decades, Generac’s reserve power solutions can provide peace of mind for residential, commercial and industrial users alike. Generac generators come on automatically to compensate for power outages and provide remote monitoring tools that allow you to check on your property from just about anywhere. A wide selection of products provides commercial and industrial users with plenty of ways to customize their backup power. Homeowners can access a range of options from select circuit coverage that powers essential appliances, all the way up to comprehensive whole-home coverage.

With a Generac backup generator installed by the licensed experts of Platinum Electrical Contractors, you can face any outage in Etobicoke, Ontario, with confidence that your crucial power won’t be interrupted. Contact us today and discover how we can help protect your power.