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Air Cooled Generators


When the engine powering a standby electrical generator runs, it produces heat from the combustion of fuel in its cylinders. This heat has to be removed from the engine to avoid overheating. In air cooled generators, air from around the generator passes over the hot metal parts of the engine and rises, transferring heat to the surroundings. In some cases, natural convection is enough to cool the engine, but for larger engines and if the ambient temperature is high, a fan may be needed to increase the cooling effect of the air. Air cooling is typically used for home standby generators or small commercial units.

Air Cooling Is Simple, But the Cooling Effect Is Limited

Air cooled generators don’t need a special cooling system to remove the heat from the engine. Convection-cooled engines are cooled by the natural flow of ambient air across the hot generator parts. Forced air cooling requires only that a fan be attached to the drive shaft. As the engine turns, the fan blows cooling air over the engine. Because cooling is simple without a lot of additional equipment, air cooled generators tend to be less expensive, lighter and easier to install and maintain.

The use of air cooling is limited by the size of the generator. As the engine rating increases, more fuel is used and more heat produced. Eventually, even forced air cooling with a fan attached to the engine isn’t enough to remove all the heat. This is especially true of installations that see high air temperatures during the summer. An experienced standby generator dealer will know when an air cooled generator is an appropriate solution.

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